care and storage !

Cleaning and storing the lenses To clean the colored lenses, you should only use special cleaning fluid (no tap water). It is important to remove the protein and fat residues that inevitably accumulate during wear. First, drip some cleaning liquid on the lens resting in the palm of your hand and gently rub it with the index finger of the other hand. Then rinse the manually dissolved residues from the lens with a little more cleaning liquid. Store colored contact lenses only in the designated storage liquid and the corresponding container. It is best to always carry the container for your lenses if you need to remove the lenses during the day! Of course, it is also important to clean the case regularly – preferably with hot water and every 3 months. Before re-inserting the lens into the eye, all residues of the cleaning fluid should be rinsed off. Whoever picks up a cigarette and at the same time wears contact lenses really does not do anything good for his eyes. Generally, smoking can quickly lead to drying of the eyes. The nicotine ensures that the tear film is greasy. The result: strong deposits can form on the contact lenses. The lenses dry out faster, the vision deteriorates and a scratchy uncomfortable wearing feeling arises. TIP: Obtain the care product in small sizes for on the way, as well as a storage container. Wash your hands before touching the contact lenses to avoid irritation in the eye. Gently lay the contact lenses on the tip of your index finger. Check that the contact lens is right and not twisted: It is correct if it has a clean semicircular shape. Pull the eyelid down slightly to have more surface to place the lens. Then gently put the contact lens on the eye. Blink several times to align the contact lens. Repeat the entire process with the second eye.

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